Friday, May 29, 2009


Hi there,
Wow what a great week my mom and dad had with trying to get me to do what they want. I love watching them get all confused when I run away and like a speeding bullet they say. It is so funny to see them panic like I am going to hurt myself or something. I was running so fast and my dad said the word treat and I turned and ran right off the edge of my yard, flying through the air my mom was screaming and my dad was panting and I flew right into my dads arms. They were all over me kissing me and hugging me and I was just looking for the treat he promised me. This is a picture of my yard,. The pictures are of me with my treat he promised me, my dad doting on me and my beautiful yard.
I flew over the brown thing, mom called it a fence or something.
I am really passionate about what ever I do. I play so hard that I wear my folks out they really go to bed early now since they got me. I guess I am like having a baby and they say to each other all the time were to old for this. Lucky they love me so very much huh? I will keep them exercising everyday and then i wont have to worry about their health. I am lightning up on biting them my mom says no bite and then smacks me with a paper so I guess its time to take it easy on the old folks. My dad though he is such a push over. He loves me so much he lets me get away with anything, and my mom threatens to smack him with the newspaper. He just whispers in my ear its OK she wont hurt us to bad.
I love my dotting dad. He don't put my harness on or leash he just opens the door and lets me go. He will chase me and run after me and finally he will shake my bottle of treats to get me to come back when he is finally to tired to come after me anymore. But my mother she grabs me as soon as I get out of my bed or pen and takes me to the chair puts on the harness and the leash and gets her coffee and takes me out to potty. She right there watching my every move, kinda hard to go potty while she is staring at me. Give me a break mom I really need a little privacy here. On our way home today I let my mom hold me and I slept in her lap. That was the first time I ever did that . I also love to climb up her and get around her neck in the car and look at all the strange people in the cars as they zoom by us.
I usually am so busy playing when my mom hold me she puts me on the floor of the car with my toys and we play at who gets worn out first her or me. I jump up she puts me down, I jump up she puts me down. But if I look at my dad with my little puppy dog eyes and tilt my head just right he tells mom to pick me up so he can kiss me. I usually get my way. Well its been a long day. I need to take a nap before bedtime. If I slept straight through my folks wouldn't know what to do. They would think I was sick. Cant let them worry so gotta go now.

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