Friday, May 29, 2009


Hi there,
Wow what a great week my mom and dad had with trying to get me to do what they want. I love watching them get all confused when I run away and like a speeding bullet they say. It is so funny to see them panic like I am going to hurt myself or something. I was running so fast and my dad said the word treat and I turned and ran right off the edge of my yard, flying through the air my mom was screaming and my dad was panting and I flew right into my dads arms. They were all over me kissing me and hugging me and I was just looking for the treat he promised me. This is a picture of my yard,. The pictures are of me with my treat he promised me, my dad doting on me and my beautiful yard.
I flew over the brown thing, mom called it a fence or something.
I am really passionate about what ever I do. I play so hard that I wear my folks out they really go to bed early now since they got me. I guess I am like having a baby and they say to each other all the time were to old for this. Lucky they love me so very much huh? I will keep them exercising everyday and then i wont have to worry about their health. I am lightning up on biting them my mom says no bite and then smacks me with a paper so I guess its time to take it easy on the old folks. My dad though he is such a push over. He loves me so much he lets me get away with anything, and my mom threatens to smack him with the newspaper. He just whispers in my ear its OK she wont hurt us to bad.
I love my dotting dad. He don't put my harness on or leash he just opens the door and lets me go. He will chase me and run after me and finally he will shake my bottle of treats to get me to come back when he is finally to tired to come after me anymore. But my mother she grabs me as soon as I get out of my bed or pen and takes me to the chair puts on the harness and the leash and gets her coffee and takes me out to potty. She right there watching my every move, kinda hard to go potty while she is staring at me. Give me a break mom I really need a little privacy here. On our way home today I let my mom hold me and I slept in her lap. That was the first time I ever did that . I also love to climb up her and get around her neck in the car and look at all the strange people in the cars as they zoom by us.
I usually am so busy playing when my mom hold me she puts me on the floor of the car with my toys and we play at who gets worn out first her or me. I jump up she puts me down, I jump up she puts me down. But if I look at my dad with my little puppy dog eyes and tilt my head just right he tells mom to pick me up so he can kiss me. I usually get my way. Well its been a long day. I need to take a nap before bedtime. If I slept straight through my folks wouldn't know what to do. They would think I was sick. Cant let them worry so gotta go now.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Life as Jazzmin N.
Hi,My name is Jazzmin, I am a pomanese that is part Pekingese and part Pomeranian. My mom was a pure bread black Pomeranian and my dad was a pure white pekingese. They made a no no and hooked up and here I am Gods little miracle child. I and 7 weeks old. My mom and dad are just crazy about me. They are really great parents. I am about 1 lb and have long black silky hair. My temperament is really spunky. I love to hop and jump I bite everyone and everything I can get my teeth on. I get in trouble for biting my dads toes he puts his finger in my face and says honey your hurting daddy. Hes so funny to watch. He really believes he is the one in charge. My mom is kinda stricter, she swats me when I bite her.She wont let me out without the harness and leash, Oh I could really do with out those annoying things around my little body. Dad lets me run run run. He chases me and gets out of breath but what the heck he needs the exercises anyway. Right Dad? I have two homes and two yards to play in. My one home is really cool, it has really lots and lots of grass and flower beds for me to play in and tear apart. The other one is small and lots of people and dogs around not sure I like that one they wont let me go to far there. Something about Eagles chasing me around I heard them say. I would like to play with an eagle I think? I saw a thing called a duck this morning when mom took me out it was in our yard. I sneaked up on it and he chased me right into my moms arms, that was kinda scary but my mom was there to keep me safe. Whew that was close.I love to eat anything I can find even if it tastes nasty I am in to big of a hurry to taste it really, my mom is on me like a bee on honey. Not a shot at swallowing anything shes really fast.I am up and it is 2 am. my dad will get up with me and take me outside, he watches me like a hawk can't get away with a thing sometimes. I know he is sleepy but oh no he still can catch me. Now my dad will stay up with me this morning and play with me and watch me chew on his nice comfy chair till i finally give it up and go to my pen and rest, this puppy thing can be really exhausting. Now my mom on the other hand gets up takes me out and then shoves me back in my pen and tries to go back to sleep. I surly am not ready to let her do that, so I whine and whine and my dad will say to my mom shes not ready to go back to sleep yet. Mom says to bad she will stop whining in a minute but lo and behold my dad is like clockwork he will get up and take care of me. I love my dad he is so soft and kind.My mom picked me up on Friday the 15th of may and gave the lady who was taking care of me some money to take me home. My dad said he has to go with us from now on when she takes me shopping cuz shes spends to much money on me. I got lots of things the other day when she took me to Pet Smart. I just had to whine and she started throwing things in the basket to shut me up. Boy she likes to shop. Well I am ready for my nap now so going to crawl up in my little warm cozy bed and sleep for a while. Maybe mom can get a little nap she let dad go back to bed.
See ya Jazzie

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jazzmin, What the heck.

Hello everyone,
Well I have had the busiest week in my life. I guess that's not saying much considering I am only 8 weeks old, My mom always says things like that's all relative and dad always makes her explain. Their so funny. Anyway I went to my vet for the first time since mom and dad got me. He was so cute he let me lick his face and then I bit his nose and he just laughed and then he pet me. He put something in my butt and told my mom it looks good. What the heck is that all about? I got some good tasting stuff in my mouth he kept talking to me like I really understood his terminology.
Then my mom taught me how to do stairs, I thought I was on top a mountain when I looked down them. There were so many of them I had to take a nap after we got done teaching me how to go up and down them. My sister Gizmo she acts like she doesn't like me but yesterday when my mom had me on this chain thing while she was working in the yard, I was crying that always worked before with her or at least dad. But oh no he was not there to rescue me from my situation. But anyway my sister who always seems to run from me and she has such big feet I got to be careful when I chase her and bite her tail, she heard me whine and came outside to make sure I was OK. she actually laid by me to calm me.She stayed just out of range my chain she wouldn't let me bug her. Shes a smart sister she minds my mom. Maybe someday she will play with me. I feel something weird going on gotta go see if mom can fix me.
My goodness mom help me. Mom says I got the hick ups, wow that was really weird. My dad just got up I learned how to get him out of bed just go and scratch on his door and whine hes up like a dad should be. He said hes gonna play with me on the lawn today. We got a really big yard.
Whoops I peed on the carpet and my mom put my nose in it and then took me outside. What the heck? I already went pee why does she keep telling me to go pee?
Well she put me in my play pen that's how she trains me to pee outside, she doesn't get it yet, I like the carpet its not cold and wet like the lawn. Oh well I am gonna take a nap now. Here is a picture of me sleeping in my toy bowl. My mom is a shutter bug. Snapping pictures of me what the heck is that all about mom? Dad tell her to stop it. I need a break.