Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Life as Jazzmin N.
Hi,My name is Jazzmin, I am a pomanese that is part Pekingese and part Pomeranian. My mom was a pure bread black Pomeranian and my dad was a pure white pekingese. They made a no no and hooked up and here I am Gods little miracle child. I and 7 weeks old. My mom and dad are just crazy about me. They are really great parents. I am about 1 lb and have long black silky hair. My temperament is really spunky. I love to hop and jump I bite everyone and everything I can get my teeth on. I get in trouble for biting my dads toes he puts his finger in my face and says honey your hurting daddy. Hes so funny to watch. He really believes he is the one in charge. My mom is kinda stricter, she swats me when I bite her.She wont let me out without the harness and leash, Oh I could really do with out those annoying things around my little body. Dad lets me run run run. He chases me and gets out of breath but what the heck he needs the exercises anyway. Right Dad? I have two homes and two yards to play in. My one home is really cool, it has really lots and lots of grass and flower beds for me to play in and tear apart. The other one is small and lots of people and dogs around not sure I like that one they wont let me go to far there. Something about Eagles chasing me around I heard them say. I would like to play with an eagle I think? I saw a thing called a duck this morning when mom took me out it was in our yard. I sneaked up on it and he chased me right into my moms arms, that was kinda scary but my mom was there to keep me safe. Whew that was close.I love to eat anything I can find even if it tastes nasty I am in to big of a hurry to taste it really, my mom is on me like a bee on honey. Not a shot at swallowing anything shes really fast.I am up and it is 2 am. my dad will get up with me and take me outside, he watches me like a hawk can't get away with a thing sometimes. I know he is sleepy but oh no he still can catch me. Now my dad will stay up with me this morning and play with me and watch me chew on his nice comfy chair till i finally give it up and go to my pen and rest, this puppy thing can be really exhausting. Now my mom on the other hand gets up takes me out and then shoves me back in my pen and tries to go back to sleep. I surly am not ready to let her do that, so I whine and whine and my dad will say to my mom shes not ready to go back to sleep yet. Mom says to bad she will stop whining in a minute but lo and behold my dad is like clockwork he will get up and take care of me. I love my dad he is so soft and kind.My mom picked me up on Friday the 15th of may and gave the lady who was taking care of me some money to take me home. My dad said he has to go with us from now on when she takes me shopping cuz shes spends to much money on me. I got lots of things the other day when she took me to Pet Smart. I just had to whine and she started throwing things in the basket to shut me up. Boy she likes to shop. Well I am ready for my nap now so going to crawl up in my little warm cozy bed and sleep for a while. Maybe mom can get a little nap she let dad go back to bed.
See ya Jazzie

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